Android App Updated With New Design & Landlords Search

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04 February 2012

logo512We are happy to announce that a new version of the Android app is now available in the Android Marketplace.  The new version features a brand new design that we hope you will find more pleasing and user friendly.  One major addition we have added is the ability to search, view and update landlords.

Due to our recent architecture restructuring, the older versions of our Android is no longer functional.  Please update to the new version at your earliest convenience.  We also want to apologize for the instability with the phone apps recently, the new version fixes these issues.

Lastly, we also want to give you an update on our iPhone app.  A new updated version is under review.  It will be available as soon as it passes the Apple App Review process.


What are we up to? An update from YGL.

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01 February 2012

We have been quiet in the last couple months, and you might be wondering what YGL is up to.  Now that the new season has started, we want to give you an update on what YGL has been doing and where we are heading.  We are not taking it easy, in fact, we are busier than ever.

Our Team Has Grown

We’ve added 3 full-time developers and 1 QA to our core team.  Our core development team doubled in size, and we have been busy getting everyone up to speed, and putting in some necessary procedures.  The good news is that most of them are up to speed, and already making contributions.

Site Redesign & Infrastructure Improvements

When YGL first got started, there were only two of us, and Gordon developed the initial system.  As we grew, often times we had to add features and customizations to YGL quickly.  Some things weren’t built the optimal way (there wasn’t enough time or we didn’t know better).  Those things gradually pile up and cause system instability.

We took the opportunity to redesign the  interface, improve our infrastructure and clean up legacy code.  Not only has the interface changed.  Under the hood, everything has been combed over, cleaned and updated multiple times.  These necessary infrastructure improvements will enable us to move faster and continuously bring you more value in the future.


We’ll also been experimenting with some innovative features.  We want to make sure that before we invest heavily into a new feature or toolset, it is something that  you need.  Among these experimentations, we tried turn-key websites, lead generation and even a new way of submitting ads to Craigslist.  We are glad to say that we’ve learned a ton, and will utilize what we learned to make many future improvements.

What’s In the Near Future?

Stability – Two members of our team are continuously making infrastructure improvements, building monitoring tools and reports to make YGL more stable and faster.   Our QA is also building a comprehensive test plan, which will reduce the bugs in our system as we create new features and improve existing ones.

Better Websites – We have moved all personal sites to Speedhatch, and we are working with them consistently to bring you the best turn key website solution.  There will be many improvements coming.

Stable Phone Apps – New, improved versions of our Android and iPhone apps are almost ready for deployment.  The new version will feature much improved stability.

Improved Ad Posting – There have been many recent changes with Craigslist.  We have been busy working with our partners to figure out these changes, and help you adapt to them.  We will be improving our ad posting process significantly.

The Surprise – YGL was the first to introduce and pioneer the Realtime listing sharing, which was a game changer that even our competitors are copying.  Now, we are actively working on something new which we believe will be a game changer once again.  Stay tuned for more info.

An apology

Lastly, we want to apologize for our recent instability.  We were moving too fast with the new team without some necessary procedures.  Rest assured, we have learned many lessons, and will make sure future changes are well tested.  Thank you for your patience.

Google Chrome Extension Beta Testing

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01 February 2012 is a company that specializes in CL ad posting.  Recently they have approached us to offer our clients to be the very first to test out a Google Chrome extension that automates your posting process.  This extension works directly with your premium YGL account.  Please click the link below to learn more.

PennyPosting Google Chrome Extension

If you have questions regarding their extension, or if you run into any issues, please contact Penny Posting directly at

Disclaimer: The Penny Posting Google Chrome extension is not a YGL product.  YGL does not guarantee nor provide support for this extension.