Enter Move In Costs For Listings, Buildings and Landlords

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29 August 2010

For a while now, some of you suggested the ability to enter move in costs for listings.  In the past, we have recommended to use the notes field and the landlord tags.  However, while using those fields do accomplish the task, it is not very precise.  An agent cannot tell with a glance what’s needed and how much money is needed.

We haven’t made this improvement till now mostly because we were worried about adding more fields and complexities to the system.  It is very difficult to be easy to use and intuitive, yet powerful.

We have finally made this feature available.  Now you can enter the move in costs to any listing, and the system will automatically tally up the numbers for you and your users.  You will find an extra link called Update Move In Costs in the Listing Details page.  Clicking it will bring up a form allowing to enter / modify that listing’s move in costs, and allow you to apply it to the building or landlord.  This is also enabled when entering new listings.  Please see screen shots below for more info.

The list of items are not comprehensive.  If we are missing anything, please let us know.

New Update Link in Listing Details Pagemic-listing-details

Move in costs formmic-listing-updateThank you all for your great feedback.

Profile and Agency Profile Links are Moved

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24 August 2010

As you probably already noticed, both the My Profile and Agency Profile links have gone missing from the Dashboard sidebar.  They have been re-organized into the Settings menu on the navigation.  By putting this on the top with easy to understand names, we feel it’ will make users more aware of the different customization options.

As we have mentioned previously, YGL is undergoing some major interface changes.  The goal is to make the navigation better organized and more intuitive.  We appreciate your feedback as always.


Announcement Emails Un-subscription Fixed

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24 August 2010

We noticed that the email announcement unsubscribe feature was not working correctly.  We are sorry if you have been getting too many emails from us for these landlord announcements and posts.  You should be able to unsubscribe from these emails easily now.

New Craigslist Change + YGL New Email Display Option

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18 August 2010

It seems like Craigslist implemented some new changes to their email display policies due to recent email spamming.  Some of you might be having trouble posting ads that have email addresses displayed in the ad body.

We have been doing some testing here, so far we were not able to reproduce this error just yet.  From what we know, if you remove email addresses from the ad body, it fixes the problem.

To help resolve this issue, we just made a new addition to your ad email display settings: Anonymize in Craigslist / Hide in Ads.  You can access this option from Dashboard -> Profile -> Ad Settings.  This new option will allow you to hide your email address in your ad body, while only use the Craigslist’s anonymized email address.

If you are struggling with this, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are here to help.


New Button Styles in YGL

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12 August 2010

You probably noticed that we changed the button styles last night.  We re-grouped the buttons to the top level to make the layout more consistent, better looking and more intuitive.  This is a part of the an series of UI changes coming to YGL to improve user experience.  In the very near future, we’ll be changing the site navigation to make room for some important features we’ll be adding.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.



Shared Features & Photos Now Advertised By Default

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07 August 2010

Some of you asked for the ability to use the landlord’s features and photos for the listings directly in your advertisements and your websites.  We thought it was a great idea, and it saves you time and efforts.  However we needed to solve one thing, which is that you need to be able to control what’s displayed to the renters.  So, if a landlord shares something you don’t want to display to the renters, you can hide it.

Starting today, all features and photos provided by the landlords will, by default, be included in your advertisements and websites (office and personal).  However, if for any reason you do not want to advertise them, you can update the landlord’s privacy settings to change what’s displayed to the renters.

If you open the Landlord Details page, you’ll notice a new Privacy drop down button with 2 options, Hide Shared Features From Renters, Hide Shared Photos from Renters.  By toggling these settings on / off, you can control if the selected landlord’s features and photos are displayed in your advertisements and websites.


Our First Stab at Market Analysis Tools

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06 August 2010

YGL is mostly ran by engineers and tech guys.  We strongly believe that knowledge is power.  What we want to do is to provide our clients with lots of good data to help them make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

We just released a new Market Analysis feature for individual listings, allowing you to compare a given listing to other similar listings currently on market.  You can access this feature in the Listing Details page, in the Reporting menu.  The report gives you information on the current average / median rent, the volume of availabilities, fee structures, utilities and recent rental history.  We hope this information will give you an idea how competitive your listings are in the market, and adjust them accordingly.

This is our first stab at the problem.  We are very much looking forward to your feedback on this.  Please do not hesitate to tell us what you think, and what type of info would make the report more useful.  In the future, we are looking to provide this to your buildings and landlords.

Reporting Menu in Listing Details Pagereporting-button

Market Analysis Report for Your Listingmarket-analysis