Introducing Listing Privacy Setting

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29 July 2010

We just added a new Privacy Setting feature to listings in the YGL system.  Currently, this new feature allows you to hide listings from renters, so the hidden listings are no longer advertised.  When a listing is hidden from renters, it will no longer be included in your websites (personal & office), and it will also no longer be syndicated to any 3rd party sites like Google Base and Hotpads.

The reason for this addition is that you are accessing listings from landlords.  There might be listings you do not want to market.  For example, a landlord might enter a Room For Rent listing, but you do not want to deal with those.  You can now hide them from the renters.

You will notice a new Privacy button on each Listing Details page.  Clicking on it will bring up the Privacy menu allowing you to make modifications.

In the near future, we will be adding other privacy settings like sharing with brokers.  Also, we have plans to change all links to confirm to the new button style.


Credit Reports Are Now Available in YGL for $4 / $6 Each

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27 July 2010

We are happy to announce that YGL can now provide you and your users with inexpensive credit reports to screen your applicants directly within the YGL system.  Price for each report is $4 (without credit score) and $6 (with credit score) flat.

The YGL credit report system should bring you additional convenience and better streamline the rental process.  It also gives you great control over how many reports are pulled and by who.

An approval process is required due to the sensitive nature of applicants’ credit reports.  Please contact us to sign up or ask any questions.

YGL Just Changed Looks + Personalize Color With Themes

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25 July 2010

The YouGotListings system just changed looks.  The new looks match our current website design, and we believe is a step up from the previous design.  Please note that while the looks have changed, the general layout and functionality has not.

We also added the ability for you to personalize the colors in the system by choosing from a list of available color themes (Default, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red).  Selecting a different theme will change the colors within the system.  You will find this setting from Dashboard -> My Profile, under the Account Settings section.

New Looks For Navigation and Search Barygl-look-listings

New Looks For The Listing Details Pageygl-look-details

New Website Went Live Today

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21 July 2010

We are very excited to have finally released our new website today.  Our old site had very little information about our products and services.  The new website has much detailed information on what we do, how we do it and pricing.  Please browse around and give us any valuable feedback you may have.

There are a couple major pieces still missing from the new website.  We will continue to work on them and add them in the near future.  More importantly, in the coming week, we will be updating the YGL internal system to match the new look and feel.  We will also be making available some customizable themes (in case you don’t like our new look).  Stay tuned.

Lastly, we want to thank Ryan Kelleher for his great design.  We worked together many times with Ryan for our client’s websites.  This time on our own site, we worked very closely with Ryan to come up with the new design theme and custom artworks.  We would highly recommend him if you need an awesome designer.

Visit Ryan’s Website



Major Upgrade to our Billing System

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15 July 2010

You haven’t heard from us for 2 weeks.  What has YGL been up to?  A lot of things actually.  We are working hard as always and will bring some major releases in the coming week.  We just released our latest billing improvements.  This is the 3rd round of major improvements to our billing system.

The new YGL billing system gives you additional capabilities to:

  • View Statement – You will now get a detailed statement every month and see exactly the items you are paying for and how much each item is.
  • Access Payment History – The new system will give you the ability to access all your past statement easily, thus allowing you to see a list of your payment history.

Most importantly, the new billing system gives us the ability to release our next major addition to YGL.  Stay tuned, it’ll be available very soon.

Please Note: If you are currently on our recurring payment system, your account will not be affected.  If you would like to take advantage of these new features, please contact us to upgrade your settings.