How to Enable MLS Rentals Data + Map Based Search For Your Personal Site

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26 April 2010

We are very pleased to announce two new major upgrades to your Personal Site: MLS Rentals Data and Map Based Search. The YGL team is always looking to push the envelope to provide our users with more value.  Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback.

We also updated the Profile page into 3 separated sections: User Info / Account Settings, Personalize My Ads and Customize My Site.  You will find all the Personal Site related settings in the Customize My Site section.

MLS Rentals Data

If you have an active MLS account, you can now pull MLS rentals data into your personal site.  The MLS rentals data will display alongside of your YGL data.  To enable it, from the Dashborad, go to Profile and then Customize My Site.  Once there, you will need to provide us with your MLS ID, and choose Yes to Enable MLS Rentals setting.

Please note that it is required by MLS, that the exact address of the property is displayed on the site.


Map Based Search Interface (Beta)

Map based search interface recently has gained a lot of popularity.  Many of the popular websites are built on map based interfaces. For example, Hotpads, Zillow, Google Real Estate, etc.

YGL now provides you with your very own powerful map based search directly integrated into your personal site linked to your YGL account.  You can enable your map based search interface by going to your Profile -> Customize My Site section, and turn on Enable Map Search.

If you prefer the map search interface over the original list based interface, you can make it the default search interface.  When someone hits your site, they’ll be taken directly to the map search.  Also, the ads you post now will also be directly linked to the map search interface.

Please keep in mind that our Map Search Interface is currently free and it is in beta testing.  Please try it and report any bugs to us.  We also appreciate your feedback as always.


Coming next, we’ll be doing lead capturing into YGL Leads tab directly from your personal site.

Landlords Print + Small Improvements to Personal Site

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23 April 2010

Based on client request, we added the ability for administrators and managers to print out landlords search results, just like the current listing print feature.  You’ll find an extra Print link in the Landlords tab.  Clicking on that link will print your current landlords search results.

New Print Link on the Landlord Tabslandlord-print-icon

Landlords Print Outlandlord-printout

We also made some small improvements to your YGL Personal Site.  Most noticeably, we added an Ask Me a Question link into your ads that directly connect to your personal site.  When a renter clicks on it, he/she will be taken to your personal site to fill out a contact form, and he/she will also be able to browse for similar apartments after submitting the question.

Other improvements include photo request form, rental concierge service (having the renter tell you what they are looking for).

ad-linksIn the next few days, we will be adding a map based search interface to your personal sites plus the ability to pull MLS rentals right into your personal site.

New Color and Layout to Improve Legibility

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20 April 2010

Dear users, you probably have noticed that many of the pages’ color and layout has been changed.  The reason for this big change was that we have received multiple recommendations that the pages need more contrast to make it easier to read, and to make the sections stand out more.

The new style uses a dark title, with light alternating colors to contrast the data fields.  The new style is an improvement to the old style, and make the pages much easier to read.


We will be re-designing our header and navigation section to fit the new styles.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Next Generation YGL Personal Site Released! Check It Out!

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15 April 2010

We are very proud to have finally released our next generation Personal Website.  If you have not seen yours yet, definitely check it out.  You’ll find your link under your Profile page from the Dashboard.  The new personal website features a more modern / social look and feel, clean layout, better and quicker search, easier navigation, better Google mapping features.  The new personal site is also more personal featuring your profile photo.

We have big plans to continuously making improvements on it.

If you are interested in having your own domain name linked to this site, contact us, we can help you with it.

Please note: Currently not all features in your existing personal site has been linked up with the new one, particularly the listing group and leads.  We’ll be moving these features in the new day or two.

New search page featuring your profile picturepersonal-site-search

New listing details pagepersonal-site-details

An interesting point worth noting is that the new site is built on top of the YGL public API, showcasing what the API can do.  You can use our API to power your own website.  If you have your own developer, please contact us to obtain a key so you can build your website on our back end.

Below is a list of future improvements we are planning on in no particular order.  Please give us your feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

  • More social features such as Facebook Connect.
  • Personalization of the colors, background, etc.
  • Linking the leads to YGL Leads directly.
  • Analytic information
  • Full Map Based Search Interface
  • MLS Rentals / Sales
  • Client Registration
  • Personal Blog
  • And… The possibilities are endless, tell us what you want!

Account Settings Now Available Under Profile

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13 April 2010

You can now tweak certain settings in your Profile page, which will allow you to personalize certain aspects of your account.  For example, if you are using a smaller screen, you can now maximize your listings display area by hiding the header.

You can access your Profile page from the Dashboard.

account settings

YGL Mobile Site Re-Style + Ability to Take Listings On/Off Market

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13 April 2010

We just re-styled our mobile website to our new white theme, taking out the old logo and the black backgrounds.  The new style should be easier on the eye.  The YGL Mobile Site is at:


We also added the ability for you to take a listing on/off the market right from the mobile website.  You can do so once you go into a  listing details, and you’ll notice the corresponding action links next to the listing status.  See screenshot below for more information.


New Ad Personalization Option – Hide Available Date

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12 April 2010

Some of you want to always be able to hide the listing available date when posting ads.  Originally, you can only hide the available date for listings individually, but you were not able to hide it by default. We just added a new Ad Personalization option for you to be able to hide the listing available date by default.  You can turn it on by going to your Profile page from the Dashboard.  See screenshot below for more information:


You Can Now Create Deals Without Corresponding Listing In YGL

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12 April 2010

Originally, when creating a deal in YGL, the corresponding listing must exist in YGL.  This raised a couple issues, particularly how to enter listings shared by the landlord or updated by YGL, but the unit is not in the system.  For example, the luxury buildings that do not have unit numbers.

Based on your valuable feedback, we just made a change to the deals feature that you can now enter a deal without the listing being in the YGL system.  You’ll notice the listing creation page is different.  Instead of selecting a listing, you now enter the listing and landlord information.  As you enter the listing/landlord info, you can use our auto suggest feature to select existing listings and landlords.


Please let us know if you run into any issues.  We are always here to help.  Thank you very much for all your great feedback!

Upload Photo By URL

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07 April 2010

Based on client feedback, we added the ability for you to upload a photo by URL. Often times you might host your photos on some photo sharing website like Flickr, Photobucket, etc.  This new feature will save you the trouble to download the photos to your desktop, and re-upload them into YGL.

You’ll notice a new section in the Photos Upload page called Get Photo By URL.  To get an online photo, simply enter the photo URL into the input field, and click on the Get button next to it.


Thank you guys again for the feedback.

Shared Photos Should No Longer Be Watermarked

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07 April 2010

Some of you mentioned that some companies are sharing photos that have watermarks, which make the photos not usable.  We just made a change to the system, now you’ll find that most of the shared photos should have no watermark anymore.

However, there are still some photos that are watermarked, which unfortunately, we cannot change those.  Those photos are either pre-watermarked before uploaded into YGL, or they were uploaded before YGL started keeping non-watermarked photos.

We appreciate the suggestions.  Thanks!