Auto save public title and public unit description.

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30 July 2009

To facilitate agents collaboration, we made a minor change to the database to automatically fill in the public title and public unit descriptions when an ad is posted on an apartment.

When someone post an ad, if the public title and description does not exist, he or she either uses the default title or enter a custom one. This is strictly per account based. However, now if the public title / description is blank, the first custom title / description entered by someone in the office, will automatically be saved as the public title / description.

You can turn this feature off in your agency profile. For more information on how to share ad contents between agents, follow the link below:
How to Share Ad Title & Descriptions Between Agents

We hope this minor change will give everyone better data to work with. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns on this change.

Fixed the search speed when both POI and photos are selected.

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30 July 2009

We just found out that while searching for listings, if both photos are checked off and POI/Neighborhood are selected, the search is very very slow. This speed issue has been corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience if you ran into this before.

How to setup a listing to be always available?

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29 July 2009

We made a modification to the database that the listing available date is no longer required. If the listing available date is not entered, that listing will be always available, and it will show up regardless of your available date search criteria.

For example, a large apartment complex might not send listing updates often, yet always have certain types of apartments available. To make sure their listings always show up in your search results, you can set the listings available date to empty, this way, the listings will always show up in your searches regardless of what available dates you specify.

Avail. Date in Listing Details Page

To learn more about available date, follow the link below:
What is the available date field?

How to setup your Facebook profile and company profile with ListingBook?

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26 July 2009

ListingBook is our own facebook application that makes your listings searchable on your facebook profile and company profiles. Setting it up correctly on facebook can be difficult, especially with the facebook company profiles.

Please visit our new tutorial for step by step instructions on how to setup ListingBook with your facebook profile and company profiles:

How to setup ListingBook and showcase your listings on Facebook?

How to get help on

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24 July 2009

Please follow the link below to our Knowledge Base to learn more details on how to contact YGL Support:

How To Get Help On

To encourage you to contact us for help if needed, we moved the “Contact Support” link on the dashboard to it’s own section. We also added a “Support” link to the bottom of every page for easy access. Please see screen shots below:

Dashboard “Contact Support” Link

Footer “Support” Link

Introducing eTicket, a request/issue tracking system.

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23 July 2009

We are happy to introduce a new YGL add-on product: eTicket. eTicket is an issue/request management and tracking system. YGL eTicket helps you make sure all requests are documented and handled in a professional and timely manner.

To learn more about what is eTicket and how you can use eTicket in your buisness, please follow the link below:

YGL eTicket Info

YGL Internal Support Upgraded
Powered by our own YGL eTicket system, we have upgraded our internal support system.

Now, when you submit a support ticket or a listing change request, you will receive a ticket # and tracking instructions. All tickets will be answered and resolved in a timely fashion.

Set a default ad template for ad posting

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21 July 2009

Typically when you post an ad, a random template (skin) is selected. Some users might want to set a default template instead. We just added the ability for you to set a default template for your account. Once a default template is set, the system will always load your default template instead of randomly selecting one.

You can set your default template in the “Agent Settings” section of your profile page. Please click on the following link for more information on how to set it up:

How to set a default template?

Recover your leads that have been removed.

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21 July 2009

Sometimes after you have deleted a lead, you might want to get the information back. Or you might have accidentally deleted the wrong one. We have added the ability to see your removed leads and recover them.

There is a new “Status” drop down field in the leads search bar. When you changed it to “Removed” and do a search, your removed leads will show up. When a lead is removed, he will show up with a key icon instead of the typical trash bin icon. Clicking on the key icon will re-activate that lead. Please see screen shot below for more information:

The Leads Tab

Associate a listing agent with your landlords and listings.

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20 July 2009

We added a new function to specify a listing agent for a landlord and his/her listings. The goal is to help you keep track of which agent brought in which landlord and listings.

For more information on what is a listing agent, why and how to setup listing agents with landlords, please check out our Listing Agent Tutorial:

YGL Listing Agent Tutorial

The convenience of staying logged into YGL

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20 July 2009

We added a convenience feature for you to stay logged into YGL on your computer. We added a “Remember Me” checkbox on the login page, if you check it off then go through the login process, you will stay signed in for a week. Please be careful to only use this feature on your private computer, otherwise others can access your account without permission.

Remember Me Checkbox